The Strength of Cinderella

I love me some strong female characters. Eowyn was my first love, of course. Zoe Washburne ranks way up there, and Hermione Granger is my spirit animal. And I’m also a fan of the newer female Disney characters. Mulan, for the win! Everyone loves spunky Anna, and even Rapunzel is a much bigger go-getter than the “traditional” female lead. I love that girls can be feisty and zany, stand up for themselves, and are seeing it in more of their media.

But there are other kinds of strength, and unfortunately, sometimes the new move toward mighty girls can cast those strengths as weaknesses.

To those who would want their daughters to be “strong,” Cinderella seems like an emblem of days gone past, a passive girl without the strength to stand up for herself. But there are other kinds of strength, and Cinderella is greatly unappreciated.

It is strength, not weakness, to remain kind when others are cruel.

It is strength, not weakness, to find happiness wherever you are, whatever you are doing.

It is strength, not weakness, to continue to dream of light and love even after you’ve lived through the worst life can throw at you.

Even after she is orphaned and made a slave in her own house, Cinderella is still able to see goodness in the world.

A mighty girl can be herself, whether she’s innovative, physically strong, intelligent… or kind and gentle.