Clammy as a Funeral Garment

It has come to my attention that when things begin to get hectic, my blog is the first thing to go. My apologies.

It turns out that taking the temp-permanent position was probably not, in fact, the right thing to do. I got laid off after about 3 weeks. However, because of that, I was able to go see my brother and sister-in-law when my niece was born. I consider that a fair trade. She’s incredibly beautiful. I’m not normally a baby person, but hey, this is my niece.

I also tend to neglect my blog when I feel inadequate. And here’s an example of why I feel inadequate:

My feet and hands are always cold, and when Steve sits next to me, I usually end up putting my cold extremities on him at some point. Once, he told me I was “clammy as a funeral garment,” which was a quote he picked up from a Civil War letter. We talked about how no one talks like that anymore. No one even thinks like that anymore.  Not even people with English degrees who immersed themselves in literature for 4 years.

But now I’m over it.  So I’ll try, as Jessica mandated, to blog more.