The End of an Age

Tomorrow, I will no longer be a happy, healthy, pretty well-adjusted 26-year-old.

Because I will be 27.

Every now and then I like to take a look back at the past year, and this one has certainly been one for the books.

At this time last year, I was preparing to travel to Georgia for my sister’s wedding. My birthday was spent getting stuck in rush-hour traffic in Atlanta and getting lost trying to find the church, but it was all made worth it when we got to the church just in time for the rehearsal dinner. Not only was it great to see family, but it was so wonderful to be a part, no matter how small, of my sister’s special day as she was of mine. I also very much enjoyed gaining my first younger brother.

Three weeks after my sister’s wedding, I gave birth to my Kara monster. What else can I say? Anything else would be too much or not enough. In addition to welcoming my daughter, being able to see most of my family at that time was such a blessing.

That blessing was magnified when, 2 months later, I began losing that family. First to go was my dad, taken away so abruptly a week before he was supposed to come see us again.

Less than 2 months after that, I lost 2 sisters. Bad things come in threes, perhaps?

All in all, it’s been a year of higher highs and lower lows than I’ve ever experienced. But given everything, I still think my 26th year will always be remembered as the year I became a mother.