Magnetic Chalkboard

So here it is:


My Dollar Tree baking sheet painted with chalkboard paint, and some magnets. The whole thing set me back $2.47 ($1 each for the magnets and baking sheet, and $.47 for the chalk).

A couple pointers if you do this. 1) When the paint can says, “Allow 24 hours to dry,” it means 24 hours, not 23 hours. If you try to remove the tape around the edges after 23 hours, you will end up with a raggedy edge to your paint circle where the tape took some of the paint off. Hypothetically.

2) When the paint can says, “Allow 24 hours to dry,” it means you should not test out the chalkboard surface with chalk until 24 hours have passed, no matter how dry the paint looks. You may end up with a really cool-looking silver sheen to your chalk marks… until you realize the chalk is actually just chipping off the paint, and the silver is the pan showing through. And then you may need to paint on another coat and wait another 24 hours. Hypothetically.

I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out, all in all!


I Did Something Awesome

First of all, I’ve recently realized that I don’t have much to contribute when I haven’t been making things. Apologies.

That being said, I’ve just finished making things. I’ll post pictures when the paint is dry.

Last week, Kara and I went to the Dollar Tree. My goal was to find something to entertain her when we take a long car trip. First, of course, we went down the toy aisle. Guess what they have in the toy aisle? Among other things, they have magnets. I like the idea of magnets. She can play with them, assuming they’re stuck to something, and my husband won’t have to pick them up again every 5 seconds. Presumably.

But what to stick them to?

Why, a cookie sheet, of course! Dollar Tree has those, too. I let Kara pick out which shape baking sheet she wanted. She picked the circle.

I was feeling medium-good about this idea when I remembered that there exists a thing called chalkboard paint. What if I took this ho-hum baking sheet and transformed it into a magnetic chalkboard? This will be a good bit of fun now when she just likes to scribble on things. And it will just get more fun when she gets old enough to do mixed media art, combining drawing with the different magnet shapes! Fortunately, I have a good friend who had some extra chalkboard paint. She let me use it for the low low price of painting a chalkboard she’d been meaning to repaint for a while. I just finished painting both, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t even get any paint on the carpet.

What do you think? Am I brilliant, or have I just been drinking too much coffee?