Simple Gifts

I’ve always loved to give people presents. The hardest thing about Christmas has always been for me to actually wait until Christmas to give people their presents.

And ever since I went to college (which means moving pretty much everything you own twice a year) and, after college, switched apartments every year… then got married and moved again… the gift-giving desire has FAR superceded the gift-receiving desire. I really just don’t want many things.

I used to kind of make fun of my brother for his Christmas attitude, which was gratefulness but frustration when my parents insisted on buying him useless but cool things. Like trinkets of characters from his favorite movies or books. Now, I totally understand.

Which now puts others in a quandary. What can they get me for Christmas? For gift-givers like me, it’s simply not enough to hear, “I just love getting to see you and spend time with you.” I need people to unwrap something from me.

So I ask for some of the things I really want, which usually comprises about 3 things, then mention stores I frequent if people want to buy gift cards. Then, I’ve started naming some of my favorite charities.

My husband and I are pretty safe right now as far as being able to pay bills and buy groceries, but we never seem to have enough to give as much as we want to people like Save the Children, the International Justice Mission, and of course, The Bridge Ministry at Clemson (where you can safely donate online… just sayin’).

Christmas is all about giving, after all. So why not give gifts that keep giving?