The Meaning of Sexy

I came across one of those fake ecards the other day. This one, to be exact:

Now, I know it’s a joke and it’s meant to be humorous, but it got me thinking. Let’s define “sexy” as someone the speaker wants to have sex with. Is “pleasant to look at” really all it takes for someone to fit into the “sexy” category? I’m sure there isn’t really a typical female answer, but I don’t think I’m alone in my gender in believing it takes more than that.

I don’t care how aesthetically pleasing a man is–there is no way anyone can ever be as sexy to me as the man who was at my side every second of my labor with Kara; who works and comes home and takes care of my child; who does as much housework as I do; who teaches me to be a better person by his selfless example. He was handsome to begin with, but those kinds of things make him sexy, and no one can ever top that.