Isn’t It Ironic?

Last Thursday, I began a search for a new project to start for my biweekly Fiber Fun meetings. I decided a net market bag might be fun, so I did a pattern search and found this–a bag made from plastic shopping bags. The irony was too delicious for me. I had to begin immediately, chuckling the whole time I made my “plarn” (plastic yarn… how cute…) from strips of plastic bags.

It became even more funny as I cut up my Bloom grocery store bags, because for a while their sales slogan was, “More bag for your buck.”

Nobody else seems to find it quite as amusing as I do, though. I, for example, wonder at the efficiency of using 20-40 bags to make a single reusable bag. I also wonder why anyone so environmentally responsible to make all these recycled plastic bags would have enough to make the bag.

But I think I may now be hooked (pardon the crocheter’s pun). In fact, as I made my small grocery bag, I couldn’t help but think what a wonderful material this would be for a beach tote–it wouldn’t matter if it gets wet, and you could just shake the sand right out of it.

While I’ll continue using my reusable shopping bags for myself, I guess I can’t feel too guilty for taking my friends’ and neighbors’ plastic shopping bags off their hands…