Lessons I’ve Learned

Just a few things I’ve learned, or re-learned, in the last few months.

  • I cannot read in moderation. There’s no point in trying. No matter what promises I make to myself, no matter how I try to ration my reading time, I get absorbed and forget to do small tasks like, you know, take care of my kid. Self, stop trying to read during the day. Maybe you shouldn’t even do it after the kid is asleep unless you’re absolutely so physically exhausted that your body is simply not capable of staying awake all night to read “one more chapter.” Possibly some deep nonfiction could be slowly digested, but fiction and fantasy? They’re the donuts of my reading universe—don’t even try one, because you know you won’t be able to stop until you’ve finished the box. Or book. Or series. Whatever.
  • Worms are the most resilient pets on the planet. Mine have been living outside during this winter, and every time the weather warms up after a frost, I go outside to feed them, expecting them all to be dead, and they’re thriving. Seriously, the first thing I saw when I lifted the lid was about 4 worms getting ready to lay eggs. These worms are doing better than my indoor plants.
  • Getting kids involved in chores makes chore time playtime. To Kara, mashing up bananas for granola bars is just as much fun as painting. It makes everything take longer, but who cares? You’re spending quality time with the kid AND keeping the house from falling into chaos. Well, maybe keeping one small step ahead of complete chaos. If you’re very fortunate, you may even happen upon a task that the kid loves doing so much that you can let her keep at it while you do things you’d rather not have her “help” with. Kara, for example, LOVES mopping. And vacuuming.
  • Exercise makes it easier to get moving doing anything else. I know this. My brain has learned this lesson quite well. But when I’m cold and wearing 3 layers of clothing and all I want to do is stay under a blanket and, you know, maybe read or something ( 😉 ), or sleep for a couple days, the last thing I want to do is change into workout clothes. Sure, I may warm up right quick once I start a workout, but that first step is hard. And yet, once I do that, it’s so much easier to do all those other things I have to do, like make dinner and do dishes and bake bread and, yes, play with my kid. And yet I keep skipping out on my workout. I’ll let you know when I figure out how that makes sense.