A Year Ago

Today marks our first anniversary as homeowners. A year ago today, at this moment, my car was packed completely full of everything I’d needed for the past 6 weeks or so (plus the odds and ends that wouldn’t fit in the moving truck), and a toddler who was still drowsing—I’d put her in the car at about 4:30 in the morning and driven for two hours before watching the sun come up. I was so excited—to see my husband again, to end our 5 years of student transient life, to live in a real house for the first time in my life.

I was looking forward to experiencing a permanence and stability that had been lacking in my life for years.

I imagined knowing my neighbors, hosting play dates in my house (my house!!!), and getting involved in a new church.

I imagined typical sleepy suburban living—the boring bane to many, but my ideal.

And when that drive finally ended, I was home. My home was empty, but it was mine. The next day, we retrieved from the storage unit all of our belongings, which fit in a single small moving truck. It was days before we even had any furniture. But I was ecstatic.

After a year of living the dream, it’s all I’ve hoped it would be. I’m still an introvert so there are still many neighbors I don’t know well, but I know most of them by sight. Kara can play outside in our yard all by herself. We’ve been able to have friends and family come stay with us. I’ve found a wonderful group of friends—not just people I can talk to, but actual friends.

It’s been an awesome year. Here’s to many more.


One thought on “A Year Ago

  1. We celebrated our first year back in April. We have much in common with the feelings! Here’s to finally having our own space with our own families! 🙂

    Hope to hear God continues to bless you, even when things are dark,
    ~*Akarui Mitsukai*~

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