I Mowed My Yard

A couple days ago, I mowed my yard.

This was a revolutionary step in my life for several reasons: for starters, it means I have a yard. For someone who’s been living in dorms or apartments for the last 11 years, that’s pretty exciting.

It also means that I’m still in better shape than I thought. You see, we have a reel lawnmower. No gas, no outside help, just you pushing this machine across the yard (with an incredibly satisfying *snick snick snick* as the grass goes flying in every direction in tiny pieces. Makes me feel like I’m pushing Edward Scissorhands). The yard isn’t incredibly big, but let me assure you, it seems pretty large when you’re mowing. Also, no shock to those of you who have known me for more than 2 seconds, I’m not very good at walking in a straight line, so I ended up going over parts of the yard multiple times.

Also, I have some incredibly motivating workout buddies:

For those of you who have never had the pleasure of stepping on a fire ant mound, it is very much like this. As soon as anything—anything—disturbs their mound at all, they erupt. Millions of them just appear out of nowhere, and you don’t want anything flesh-covered anywhere near the mound when they come up.

We have fire ant mounds everywhere in our yard, so in case you ever want to take a breather, just remember, if you don’t keep those feet moving quickly, they’ll be waiting.

But I did it!


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