Out With the Old

I’m not a person that’s generally into all this “newness” stuff. New years, new beginnings, new belongings, etc. New clothes? Blech. I think I wore the same sweater every day I was cold all 4 years of high school until it literally just fell apart. It may have disintegrated. (I always wore undershirts, so it was more of a jacket, really… not quite as gross is it sounds, but even more unfashionable.)

It’s the whole “making decisions” thing. Maybe the “making decisions that don’t really matter to me” thing. Like, yes, I need new clothes, and I would like them to be comfortable, and other than that, someone else should tell me what to wear. Yes, I need a new car, and I need it to reliably get me from point A to point B, and I need to afford my monthly payments. That’s it. Capiche?

But I am really enjoying all of the newness of everything in this town.

I was very unhappy that there’s no MOMS Club here, but today at the library’s story time, I met some moms. Score! Know what else I found at the library? A notice for a book club meeting soon. And not just any book club: a science fiction and fantasy book club. I think I’ve found my people, guys.

I miss my friends and my surrogate family to distraction, but for now, this is newness I can not only live with, but embrace and enjoy.


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