It’s a New Life

 I’ve spent the last two days trying to imagine where to start sharing my experiences of the last several weeks. Being homeless, traveling around the country and visiting wonderful family and awesome friends, and beginning the process of settling into our new home.

But I can’t. There’s too much. So I’ll start with this week.

I went to the farmer’s market and got a sack full of food for $3. I made chicken stock with our leftovers from chicken ‘n rice. Kara can help me cut salads and make granola bars and everything so much easier than ever before. My kitchen is heaven to work in.

Kara has really taken off in the “playing pretend” department. We spend most of our time pretending to pierce her animals’ ears, giving them checkups, and throwing pretend birthday parties for every. single. stuffed animal she owns. 

Which is to say, we’re in a new place. We’re still the same wonderful, frustrating, loving family we were before.

And that’s an awesome place to be.



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