Big Dreams

Yesterday, Kara helped me make granola bars. And ranch. And honey mustard. And bread. I started thinking about what I’ll do when Kara goes to school. Will I get a job and make some money, or will I stay home and keep saving money?

If I stayed home, I could do even more to save money. I could have a garden! The fact that I’ve never been able to keep green things alive is beside the point. I’ll put my vermicompost on my vegetable garden and have the biggest most awesome vegetables you’ve ever seen! I’ll be able to barter them at local farms for things like… I don’t know… milk? Wool? I can learn to spin my own yarn! etc. etc. etc.

Then I thought about what it would take to make my own mayonnaise. I’m already making so many dressings… why not make the condiment that’s the base for most of them? Eggs! That’s it, I’ll have a chicken coop, and the chickens will eat whatever scraps my worms don’t eat! And if you have chickens, you’ll probably need a dog…

And before you know it, I’ve built us a mini farm in my head.

Steve, meanwhile, is already planning on the awesome computer he’s going to build. And in his dreams, we have a garage, and he can build his dream desk that can convert from a standing desk to a sitting desk. He’ll also build a mini computer for the living room whose sole purpose will be for media, so we can still watch stuff from online and play our emulators in the living room.

Before I know it, he’s set up his own personal Tiger Direct in our garage.

How do we end up on such opposite sides of the spectrum?


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