The Bounce House

Yesterday, our local MOMs Club had an impromptu gathering at the “bounce house”—an indoor playground with inflatables. It’s been a while since we’ve been, so I asked Kara if she wanted to go. She said yes and did the typical toddler thing, which she doesn’t actually do often, of asking every 45 seconds if we were at the bounce house yet (it’s kind of a long drive).

After we got inside and paid and took off her shoes and coat and my shoes and backpack and coat and scarf, her anticipation levels were so high I thought she might actually explode. When I finally gave her the go-ahead to play, she ran as fast as I’ve ever seen her run, arms pumping, legs high, going so fast her head was actually leaning back from the rest of her body. She scrambled into the first inflatable and started jumping, laughing with her precious toddler belly-laugh, generally looking certifiably insane but in the happiest possible way.

She did almost everything “all my by herself,” even those things she’d previously been too small or scared to do, like the huge slide and some of the darker castles. We stayed for over two hours and she played harder than I’d have thought possible the whole time.

All in all, 2014 is off to a pretty great start.

What happy memories are you making?


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