Christmas Post

We all have those resolutions we always make and never keep. I have two: 1) I always resolve to write more and 2) I always resolve to get better at staying in touch with people. The two are semi-related, since “writing more” includes writing letters. Even blogging feels like staying in touch with others—sharing my stories and, thus, including you in my life. But I won’t actually make that resolution, because then I’ll spend the next week writing 2 blog posts and 4 letters a day, and then stop for the next month. Or year.

There’s much I’ve wanted to say, but I’ve forgotten a lot of it. So I’ll just talk about Christmas.

Christmas was fabulous on so many levels, but my favorite is that this is the first year that Kara could really get excited about it. She’s still confused about some things (for example, she got a book about the Christmas story and every time I called it that she’d say, “It’s not ’bout Christmas, it’s ’bout Jesus”) but she got the important things. We told her about going to Nashville to see the family, and she would periodically announce that she was going to see Ma-Maw, Grandma, Pa-Paw, “Sinney” (Sydney), etc. and “it will make me happy.”

DSCF1506Santa Claus brought her some presents before we took a trip to Nashville to see the family. One of those presents was her very own Grinch doll, which has become her new sidekick. She is currently pushing him around in her baby doll stroller, as a matter of fact. We had the very best time with the family—so much so, in fact, that Kara cried for about 20 minutes when we had to leave. Some of them may have been relieved to see us go, however. The first morning we were there, Kara walked up to her Uncle Brian and announced, “I’m not gonna kill you.” He’s probably breathing a little easier with us gone.

She must have missed home more than she realized, though, because she was very affectionate to everything and everyone when we got back. She kept announcing that she loved her animal (her Guinea pig, Iceberg), she kept coming to Steve and me for hugs and saying she loved us. Every toy she picked up was also beloved.

Materially, Christmas was also fabulous. I got a Kindle and have been doing such amazing things as checking out library books on it. Free reads, and I don’t even have to go through the trouble of getting in the car and going somewhere? Awesome. I also got a French press, tons of coffee, and a brain (that is, a daily planner).

Oh, and a I got bread machine. I made my first loaf of homemade bread yesterday. It was fabulous then—we ate half the loaf when it was fresh from the bread maker. Only time will tell if it will be a recurring thing, though. Sometimes I wonder how many of our staples I can keep making… then I remember I have those thoughts on days I do a minimal amount of housework and spend the other 8 or 9 hours of the day reading. So obviously I’m not too taxed.

Only time will tell.

Happy New Year, all!


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    • It’s amazing! You just go to the library site for whatever county you have a library card for. Search the books, and some titles will have a “digital copy.” It’ll give you a link that will automatically put the book in your amazon account, then you can download it to your Kindle! Pickens county actually even has a separate library catalog for digital books.

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