Kara Climbed a Tree

You may or may not remember, but one of Kara’s goals in life has been to climb a tree. About once a day, during random times like car trips, or bed time, or meal times, Kara would tell me, “I climb a tree someday.” Or, “I climb a tree when I get bigger.”

Well, yesterday evening, we were spending lots of time outside. The weather is cool and most of the bugs and spiders are gone. So I decided it was the day to make her dream come true.

DSCF1460She did so well! I put her up on the first branch and helped her get her legs up to the second, and then she was ready to go! As I climbed behind her to make sure nothing too terrible happened, she told me, “It’s not too scary,” as I watched her legs tremble. But my brave girl did it and wanted to do it again and again.

She looked confidently at me when we were going inside after the excitement and said, “I ride in airplane now!” (That’s her other life goal.)


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