A Kara Update

So, here’s a few things that will enrich your life if you’ve been at all curious about what’s happening with this little one. First, some pronunciations:

1) If a word ends in a hard consonant, she likes to add “a” to the end, like an Italian, especially if that word is “look,” which results in the adorable turn of phrase that, for example, “Daddy look-a like a ‘rangatang.” Too many levels of cute? I know, right?

2) When she wants to do something by herself or is bragging that she does something by herself, her phrase to describe it is, “All my by herself.” For example, the other day she put on her too-big shoes and her sunglasses and told me, “Want to go to a walk in the woods all my by herself.” Then she walked toward the front door and attempted to open it “all my by herself,” and I was thankful for the foresight that had me lock the deadbolt.

3) She still likes to substitute “L” for “R” in words that have an “R” immediately following a consonant. So “bread” is “bled” and “cry” is “cly.” And “Grandma” is “Glandma.”

4) To make words plural, she adds a syllable. So “leaves,” for example, becomes “leaf-es.” And gloves are “glove-es.”

Kara has two goals in life right now. She often tells me, “I climb a tree someday.” Also, “I want to ride in a airplane.” (I wish that text could capture her cadence as she says “airplane.” She always says it the same way and it’s adorable.) Usually she doesn’t mention one without mentioning the other, so somehow these two life goals are inextricably bound together.

Kara’s favorite movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas, or “The Skeleton Movie.” She wants to watch it pretty much every day. Her runner-up is probably Labyrinth, or “Toby,” which rhymes with Dobby. Sometimes after watching Labyrinth, she’ll run around the house looking for Tobby in such likely places as the dirty clothes hamper and the linen closet.

She’s gotten really big into this imagination/pretend thing, and her favorite thing to pretend is food. She’ll sit in her car seat offering me strawberry and chocolate cookies, suckers, donuts, and ice cream. She also likes to pretend she’s playing with her cousin Ava. I think Ava has become her imaginary friend, actually.

Well, I guess that’s enough cuteness overload for one day. Happy Friday Eve!


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