For a little while, it seemed like Kara would only say a word if she knew she could say it right. As her boldness increases, so do her mispronunciations. Some are singular and melt-your-heart cute (“fingersnail” instead of “fingernail,” for example), but some follow a pattern. The letter “R” is hard to pronounce. While she sometimes replaces it with the “W” sound, more often she replaces it with “L.”

This can be confusing, and it can also make our day seem much more violent than it was.

“Kara, what did you do today?”
“Duck pond.”
“Oh, you went to the duck pond? What did you do?”
“Um… Ducks! Ducks bled!”

What she means, of course, is that we fed the ducks some bread, not that there was a mass slaughter of the botanical garden’s water fowl.


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