Kara’s Big Week

This week, Kara turned two.

It’s a pretty big milestone. For starters, it means when people ask how old she is, we get to give the same answer for a whole year, rather than adjusting every month. She is now “two,” not “24 months.”

It means she’s a toddler. She uses the potty, sleeps in a big girl bed, helps Daddy with the dishes, and helps Mommy put the laundry away.

It also means, of course, that she had a party. It was a very small one, just the three of us, but we had a great time. As soon as she woke up, we got ready to go to the beach. We’d been building it up since the day before, so she was already pretty pumped. We stopped at the store and let her pick out her cupcake. The bakery had many to choose from: there was a pig, a monkey, a panda, one that looked like a beach scene… and one with piles of chocolate frosting. She picked the chocolate (that’s my girl!). She also picked out an Elmo balloon. We sang “Happy Birthday” all the way to the beach, because whenever we’d finish, she’d smile and say “More song?”

Then we spent about an hour and a half playing in the water. Then we sang “Happy Birthday” again, and she ate her cupcake. We played for another hour, in the water and on the playground there, and then it was time to head home despite the birthday girl’s protests. After her nap, we were even able to squeeze in a visit to Mrs. Mary and Mr. Ken before a quick trip to the thrift store, where Kara got her final birthday present for the day: a baby/toddler chair. She sits in it when we read books at bedtime.

Turning two also necessitates a wellness checkup with the doctor.

Since it’s been a while since she’s been to the doctor, Steve decided to show her some videos about what to expect at the doctor’s office. The whole way there she talked about what the doctor would do (“Look eyes. Look mouth. Look tummy.” etc.). Unfortunately, she’s still small enough that the nurses measure her height by laying her down on the patient’s table and marking the tissue paper, then measuring that, rather than having her stand against the wall. Laying down on that table is torture in Kara’s book, so we did not start off the visit on a high note. Fortunately, she calmed down very quickly as they took her weight.

Then it was time for the actual doctor checkup.

It was heartbreaking and hilarious.

She tried so hard to be brave. It was ok while he was looking in her eyes and ears. Then he put that cold stethoscope on her chest, and the frown started. Then he put it on her back, and the frown deepened, and her chin wrinkled, and she looked at Mommy and Daddy with such big, unhappy eyes, but she still wasn’t crying. Then she had to lay on her back while he looked at her tummy and took her pulse, and finally she couldn’t hold back the tears.

Oh, that frown. With those huge blue eyes. It could melt Scrooge’s heart.

All good news, though. She’s awesome and healthy and doesn’t have to go back for two more years. Unless, of course, she doesn’t stay healthy.


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