What a Time!

I had just enough time to write a title for this post before Kara woke up and my day began in earnest. I had planned on talking about how amazing Grandkids’ Week 2013 was. How Kara loved playing with all of her cousins and being adored by all her other relations—uncles, aunts, and grannies galore. How she immediately learned everyone’s names and got over her “mommy is the only one who can hold me” phase. She didn’t even notice when I’d disappear to do things like shower or exercise! It was beautiful.

But then, as I said, Kara woke up. And she spent the first three hours of her day crying for anything she didn’t have. (“Apple! Apple! Apple!” I give her an apple. She shakes her head and starts screaming, “Outside! Outside! Outside!” And so on and further.) The title of this post seemed just as fitting for a post about that.

What it comes down to, I suppose, is that I have a toddler, and “What a time!” is all that can be said of all toddlerhood, I imagine. It’s a time of higher highs and lower lows (and often in the same day) than I’ve ever experienced in my relatively even-keeled life. Somehow, my family of three will learn how to sail these waters, as families have since the beginning of time. If we can enjoy it more often than not, I will consider my life a success.


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