Magnetic Chalkboard

So here it is:


My Dollar Tree baking sheet painted with chalkboard paint, and some magnets. The whole thing set me back $2.47 ($1 each for the magnets and baking sheet, and $.47 for the chalk).

A couple pointers if you do this. 1) When the paint can says, “Allow 24 hours to dry,” it means 24 hours, not 23 hours. If you try to remove the tape around the edges after 23 hours, you will end up with a raggedy edge to your paint circle where the tape took some of the paint off. Hypothetically.

2) When the paint can says, “Allow 24 hours to dry,” it means you should not test out the chalkboard surface with chalk until 24 hours have passed, no matter how dry the paint looks. You may end up with a really cool-looking silver sheen to your chalk marks… until you realize the chalk is actually just chipping off the paint, and the silver is the pan showing through. And then you may need to paint on another coat and wait another 24 hours. Hypothetically.

I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out, all in all!


4 thoughts on “Magnetic Chalkboard

    • Dunno. I think it was just still wet; it works fine now. Also, the paint can says a clean smooth surface is best… can’t get much more smooth than a baking sheet. :shrug:

      • Huh, weird. I know that can help with other varieties of paint, that specifically don’t stick very well to smooth surfaces, but I guess if that’s what the directions say….

        I’ve never actually used chalkboard paint before – probably because chalk makes my skin crawl and I also hate all the dust it makes. I like the /idea/ of it though. :p Apparently you can make it yourself by adding sand or something to normal paint. (Something like that, anyway. I saw it on Pinterest.)

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