So I made some soap

I have a friend who made some laundry soap that she found via Pinterest (of course). And I’m just about out of laundry soap. So I decided to make some too. I would love to pretend I had some big grand justification for it, like saving the environment or knowing that it would be so much cheaper, but really, I think I’m just getting addicted to making things myself. I honestly have no idea how much I usually spend on detergent, because when I buy it, I tend to buy whatever soap gives me the largest number of loads so I don’t have to buy it again for ages.

And I helped justify it because, in looking at the ingredients, I’m pretty certain I could use it on the cloth diapers.

Anyway, I mixed up a batch while the dryer was broken. My mad awesome husband fixed the dryer a couple days ago, so I’ve now used the new laundry soap in about 5 loads.

By the way, just so we’re clear, when I make all this neat stuff, don’t get the wrong picture. My stuff doesn’t look like this:

When I made this, it went into 2 OxiClean tubs, a yogurt container I fished out of the recycling, and a 2-gallon Ziploc bag and scribbled “Laundry Soap” onto the containers with a black Sharpie. When I make things in the kitchen, like ranch or granola, they go into neat little glass jars… that still have the peanut butter labels that came on them. But it works.

I like it so far. I think it makes my clothes softer, but that’s hard to know for sure since I’m not only using new soap but also machine-drying clothes right after having line-dried them. It does get out stains that I thought were hopeless. (I very rarely do anything to try to get stains out except throw them in the wash and hope it comes out; it’s nice that I have this laundry soap as an enabler in that endeavor now.)

What have you been making lately?


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