Diaper Genies and Baby Wipes

So here’s the story of the emergency Diaper Genie refill.

I went to change Kara’s incredibly dirty, particularly stinky diaper on a very bad morning, only to realize that the last bit of bag of our last Diaper Genie refill had already disappeared down the clasp. What does a mommy do when she doesn’t want to spend another $8 on a refill? She uses a regular garbage bag.

I just kept the empty refill cartridge and pulled the garbage bag up through the middle. I opened up the bag, shoved it down into the space in the cartridge, and secured it with a rubber band, like so.

Amateur Diaper Genie refill

Then I just shoved the whole of the garbage bag into the belly of the Diaper Genie.


It’s worked pretty well. It doesn’t contain the odors quite as well as the name-brand, but since the odors only leak out when you open the lid, I think it’s worth not paying the cost.

While I was taking care of the Diaper Genie, I decided to do something about the low baby wipes situation in our house. I saw this link on Pinterest and decided with the amount of baby wipes we go through, it might be worth trying something a little cheaper. So I went and bought a canister like this


and then realized I already had a container just like this at home from a long time ago when I bought some peeled grapefruit and kept the container. So I put rice in that canister to feel a little less bad about buying this one. Anyway, I got this canister and the smallest roll of Bounty paper towels, so I could be sure the paper towels would fit into the canister. Then I did just what the recipe told me to: I cut the roll of paper towels in half (piece of cake with my ceramic knife) and took out the cardboard tube. In the empty canister, I mixed a cup of really hot water, a tablespoon of coconut oil, and a tablespoon of Kara’s baby wash.

I put the paper towels in to the canister, and voila, baby wipes.

They even pull out from the center, see? DSCF1176

Our initial impression has been somewhat tainted by the fact that Kara has had incredibly dirty diapers these last couple mornings, so she’s had some terrible diaper rash. It’s not possible to say right now whether the rash has been caused by these wipes or by sleeping for who knows how long in a dirty diaper. I think that if it is the wipes, I’d still try again with a different baby wash and/or less baby wash.


2 thoughts on “Diaper Genies and Baby Wipes

    • I’ve made three batches of these now, and I love them. For the first batch, I used the Baby Magic baby wash, but I was leery of using it again just in case it contributed to the diaper rash. So the second batch was made with her extra moisturizing unscented body wash we usually use for her since she has eczema. This most recent batch was used with her lavender bubble bath, and it’s my favorite. I love that they’re sturdy and thick, too.

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