Faking It

A conversation between Steve and me the other day:

“[Long story about a dramatic poopy-diaper-filled trip to WalMart]… but I was able to make the baby wipes,” I said.
“Tanya, you know those moms who are like, ‘Yay, I didn’t kill the baby today!’ and then there are those supermoms who not only take good care of the baby but also do everything else?” Steve replied.
“Well, I think you’re one of those supermoms.”
My first thought was, “But I haven’t even cleaned the bath tub in [embarrassingly long time that I’m not going to tell you]!”
“See, that’s exactly the thought process that makes you one of those supermoms.”

I don’t share this story to brag. I share this story to assure every mom out there that we supermoms are totally faking it. Any “extra” work we do is born of frantic and/or frugal necessity. (And maybe Pinterest.) The idea of making baby wipes, for example, came to me when I had to haphazardly throw together some kind of made-up refill for the Diaper Genie and I realized we were also on the last pack of baby wipes. Enter Pinterest: voila, cheap and easy way to make baby wipes. Necessity is the mother of invention or some such, right?

So let me assure you… keeping the baby alive is the highest accomplishment a parent can achieve. All the other stuff is just what we do to aid us in that achievement.


4 thoughts on “Faking It

  1. i have to admit i believe i’m one of the supermoms… my kids are now 7, 8 and 10. happily the bathtub now gets cleaned every week and the mirrors and windows have once again become a priority – after everyone’s left for school and work. SO… i’ve been clear of the diaper bag for a few years now, but i LOVE having baby wipes around. carrying that diaper bag around for a few years made me realize how much cleaner our lives are when we carry the wipes around and have them available to everyone in our bathroom.

    how do i make the wipes? i’m good with the sewing machine and fabrics… what do i need to do? anxious to get started, since i have the house to myself until 9 PM!!!

    • I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go back to not having baby wipes around! I use them for everything, for both baby and me! Post-workout face wipes, hand wipes, quick spot-cleaning the table wipes, etc.

      Here’s how I did it:
      In a 2-quart (ish) canister (a canister that will hold half a roll of paper towels), mix 1 cup of hot hot water, 1 TB of coconut oil, and 1 TB of baby wash. I’m sure these ingredients are very flexible. I bet you could use any kind of oil, including baby oil. And I’m sure you could use any kind of body wash, but I wanted to use something “tear-free” since I use them on my face so much. Anyway, mix it all together and give it a good shake until the coconut oil melts and everything’s mixed.
      Then, cut your roll of paper towels in half (the recipe I looked at specified Bounty and said they’d tried something else and it failed, so I made sure to get Bounty). Pull the cardboard tube out of the middle, put your paper towels into your canister, and give it a good hour or so to soak up everything before you start using them!

      • OMG I can’t believe I never thought of something like this. I thought, for sure there would be some kind of fabric and sewing involved. After our blizzard I’m going to have to try it. Thx.

      • That’s actually a good idea… Now I want to experiment with the gazillion baby washcloths we have and see how many it would take to soak up that same amount of solution. Hmm…

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