Your Tax Dollars at Work

It’s been a while since I’ve had an honest rant. Let’s fix that.

I would like to address the prevalent but oh so very false idea that every other person accepting government aid is a drug-addicted uneducated whore who revels in the easy money he or she can get without having to go to work.

It’s very insulting to honest, working citizens like myself who accept government aid now, for a few years, while my husband goes to school so he can get a job, during the course of which we will pay back into the system much more than we ever took out. That’s right, folks. Sometimes, it actually works as an investment. And before you go on about us being the exception rather than the rule, let me ask you, how do you know? What research have you done, besides listening to the hate speeches your facebook friends give, or your family and friends email you? As for the idea that every recipient who isn’t a drug addict is an illegal alien who’s been “given” everything, working tax free, that’s patently ridiculous. And even if it were true, those “tax free” hours they’re working are usually worked at $4-$5 an hour… wouldn’t they deserve the break?

I am your tax dollars at work. When I wear nice clothes, they’ve come from a thrift store. When I have nice things, they’ve been gifts. I go to work, go to church, I pay my bills, and I live within my means. Sorry if I’ve disrupted your righteous anger.


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