Why I Have an English Degree

There are many wonderful differences between my husband and me. One of them is highlighted when people ask what Steve does for a living. I tell them he’s working on his Ph.D in math, they’re suitably impressed, then they ask what I do and I say, “I have an English degree and work at a coffeehouse.”

Steve is very… strong-willed (he says “stubborn”) when it comes to figuring things out. He’ll play the same level of a game 20 times until he beats it. He’ll work on a math problem by himself for days just so he can figure it out by himself.

I can be stubborn when there’s no easy alternative. But if someone else has already gone through the trouble to pave the way, why should I forge my own trail?

This difference has never been so apparent to me as it was when I came home from my crocheting group a few weeks ago.

“How did it go?” Steve asked politely.

“Pretty well. I didn’t finish what I was working on because I forgot to take the pattern with me. I probably could have figured it out, but why would I do that when I could just look at the pattern when I got home?”

He looked absolutely baffled. “If you could figure it out on your own, why would you just look at the pattern?”

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I will never have a Ph.D


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