Wool Dryer Balls

For some time now, I have been frustrated with my dryer. I bought my washer and dryer used, so they’re not exactly a matching set. My washer says it’s an extra capacity, but apparently the dryer is not. If I try to dry anything over a “medium” load, it takes about a gazillion years for it to actually get dry. So I’ve been washing medium loads, which seems like a waste.

Enter my latest creation:





These are wool dryer balls. Not much to look at, I know, but they make my life better. What are they, you ask? Good question. I’d never heard of them until my last Fiber Fun meeting. (FYI, Fiber Fun = people knitting, crocheting, etc… doing crafts with fiber… not sitting around eating bran muffins.) One of the girls was making some as a present for her sister-in-law. What was their purpose? Apparently, they make things dry faster and they make clothes static-free and soft. Basically, they’re dryer sheets. With no chemicals. And reusable for, pretty much, ever.

It sounded like some kind of trick, but I had lots of wool yarn that I wasn’t doing anything else with, so I made them. And then I did an extra load of laundry so I could play with them and try them out. Yes, I understand fully how sad that is on every level. But the result is that I can now dry the biggest load I can wash in one try. Merry Christmas to me!


3 thoughts on “Wool Dryer Balls

  1. Look at you, being all clever! I’ve heard of putting aluminium foil balls in the dryer for the anti-static purposes, but I haven’t heard of wool balls before. What are they stuffed with?

  2. More wool. Most of the ones I’ve seen are stuffed with wool yarn. I did wool yarn and some wool scraps I have from when I was thinking about making wool soakers for Kara’s diapers.

    If you feel like felting rather than crocheting, I’ve seen that several people actually just make tennis-ball sized yarn balls (like, just winding the yarn), felt them, wind more yarn so that they’re tennis-ball sized again, felting them again, and then using them. But that sounded like work.

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