Life With a Toddler

Kara is learning more and more words. Some of them she’s still in the process of learning and we only know it’s a “word” because she consistently says it every time she sees the same thing. For example, “star” is “dos.” I think there’s an actual reason, something about when there’s two consonants together, kids stress the second one and move the first consonant after the vowel.

She’s also recently learned the concept of “trash,” which she calls “dash.” She likes picking up little scraps of paper and saying “dash, dash” while carrying it to the trash can, which we have up on a step stool so she can’t actually reach inside the trash can. So I lift her up, and she drops her trash in the trash can, and she’s so proud of herself for helping Mommy throw away the trash.

These two seemingly disparate facts came together yesterday after we got home from the zoo. Steve was sitting at the computer, so I took the SD card out of the camera and set it on the desk so he could look at the pictures when he got a chance. I went to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee and I see Kara racing toward me with the SD card in her hand, yelling “DAS, DAS!” I was very confused. “That’s not a star, Kara,” and realized a fraction of a second too late that she was saying “dash,” not “dos,” just as her little fingers slipped over the top of the trash can and dropped the SD card.

After emptying all of the trash into grocery bags, we finally found it on top of some coffee grounds in the bottom of the bin.

She has certainly taught me to pay very close attention to what she’s saying!


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