The True Difficulty of Skipping Naptime

There are countless reasons why naptime is so important to both babies and their caretakers, but here’s one that most non-parents never think about:

Baby is cranky. It’s nap time. You dim the lights, play or sing soothing songs, rock rhythmically for a long time. Baby dozes off, and you’re not entirely certain that you aren’t nodding off, too. It’s time… time to attempt to lay Baby down in the crib. Because after doing all the things it takes to put Baby in sleepy mode, you yourself are absolutely certain that you cannot survive without a nap. You hold your breath and place Baby down, thinking longingly of your own bed (or the couch, or the floor—really anywhere you can fall asleep) and up she sits, screaming and crying, absolutely convinced that the 5 minutes of dozing in the rocking chair was as much of a nap as she needs, thank you very much.

And in that moment, there is not enough coffee in the world to resurrect Zombie Parent.


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