Parenting Conundrums

I’m not sure there’s any way for parents to go through the process of cleaning with an awake, active baby without allowing the child to make a mess in one place while you clean up somewhere else. I can have time to fold laundry… if Kara is happily pulling books off the shelf. I can pick up those books… if she’s pulling all the recycling out of the bin. If I was foolish enough to leave the laundry basket on the floor, I can do dishes… if she pulls all the clean clothes out of the basket.

I doubt I will ever feel useless or bored again in my life.


One thought on “Parenting Conundrums

  1. I remember those times 🙂 I started to hate our DVD stand at one point. I have gotten to where I wait till naptime or after bedtime for a lot of things. But it does start to get better as they get older. By 2 at least Maddie would help pick up blocks and such and clean up and we would sing a clean up song. Or lately I have tried to have an activity for her to do in the same room as me so I can still watch her and avoid a mess, but get things done. She enjoys making a game of cleaning up and helping. She often says “I big helper.”

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