Girly Girl

I am not, nor have I ever been, a “girly” girl. My closest young childhood friends were boys; we’d climb trees and eat grass and play in the mud. When we moved and my closest friends were girls, we’d climb trees and crawl around the house and yard pretending to be animals.

Make-up? Jewelery (besides funny/gaudy earrings)? Shoes and fancy clothes? Never really been part of my repertoire.

Which means I’m going to be in BIG trouble, because my 10-month-old is already a girly girl. How do I know? Well, Kara’s Aunt Deb got her some new shoes as an early birthday present. Kara LOVES them. She found them on the floor this morning as she was crawling around, so I put one on and she turned her foot left and right, admiring the shoe. She even helped me put the second one on, sliding her toes into the shoe while I held it open. She’d crawl around for a few minutes, then stop and sit up so she could put her feet in front of her and admire her new shoes.

She is starting early. I’m gonna need lots of help.


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