My Baby, the Genius

Last night was one of those nights that it’s difficult to put the baby to sleep. After Kara slept soundly on Steve for 10 minutes, clutching her favorite toy—a (empty, unused) medicine dropper—he put her down in the crib. She, of course, woke up and screamed. Quite often, though, if you leave the room she’ll settle right back down.

It seemed as though she would do just that, but every minute or so, just when it seemed like she was asleep, she would scream again. Finally, I went into her room to see what could possibly be wrong.

Apparently, she had stuck her hand through the vertical slats of the crib, then turned the medicine dropper sideways. She was absolutely enraged that the horizontal dropper would not go back through the vertical slats. She was clutching it and screaming at it as though pure fury would get it back in the crib with her.

My baby, the genius.


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