Things I’m Sick of Being Sorry For

I’m not a very tactful person (shock!), but I do generally try to keep in mind that other people have feeling and I do what I can to accommodate them. But there are some things I often feel bad about even though it’s ridiculous, and I’m taking a stand. I won’t apologize anymore for:

  1. Driving the speed limit. I freely admit it—sometimes I speed. But most of the time, I go the speed limit. And when I’m going the speed limit, I would appreciate you backing off my bumper. If you didn’t allot the time you needed to get somewhere while following the posted speed limits, that’s your problem, not mine. I’m not the bad guy here. I will do my best to make it easy for you to pass me if the opportunity allows, but in the meantime, riding my bumper usually just makes me slow down out of spite.
  2. Getting mad at other drivers for going under the speed limit in the left lane. I don’t feel as though this conflicts with #1. Yes, following the speed limit means I sometimes drive under it, but never in the passing lane.
  3. Nursing in public. If there is a comfortable, private place for me to nurse my daughter when she’s hungry, I will seek it out. If the weather is nice, I will often even nurse her in the car before I go into a store. I do that for other people’s comfort, not mine. Nursing her doesn’t bother me in the least. But if she’s hungry when we’re in the middle of the zoo or the middle of a meal in a restaurant, I’m going to feed her. I haven’t encountered any resistance yet, but I’ve already made up my mind not to apologize for it if complaints come.
  4. Trying to see both sides of things. When I try to point out that a view different from your own has merit, I’m not trying to be hateful, just trying to understand. I’ve just found that situations are rarely as clear-cut as we would like them to be and often the greatest enemy is our burning need for there to be an enemy.

One thought on “Things I’m Sick of Being Sorry For

  1. While driving Dante’s truck, a convertible was tailgating me. I realized I was driving about 5 under, so in an effort to speed up, I started to step on the gas. Then I realized what would happen if I was just a *wee bit* more enthusiastic about it, so I really laid on the accelerator. Blew a big ‘ole cloud of black smoke all over them.

    Should I apologize for that?? 🙂

    p.s.- I hope this doesn’t change you letting your children play with mine!

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