Cloth Diaper Review

I have some cloth diapers I’ve been using … well, Kara’s been using … for quite some time now, and I suppose it’s time for me to list the pros and cons of each.

  1. Our all-purpose go-to diaper is a basic prefold with the Kawaii One-Size Diaper Cover. They’re cheap, they grow with Baby, and Sweetbottoms even does free shipping. They’re not leak-proof when the huge poops come but, well, nothing we’ve found is leak proof then. But they actually do much better than any disposable we’ve used. They have nice colors, which is a plus. Oh, and snaps are the way to go. The velcro is ok, but the snaps are solid and, once she hits toddler-hood, they’re immune to baby attempts at removal. And they don’t snag things in the wash.
  2. We also have several Econobum One-Size Diaper Covers. I got them for cheap on eBay. They work just as well as the Kawaii but they’re not as pretty. Also, they seem to pick up stains more easily.
  3. We recently got a Kawaii night-time diaper. We’ve only used it twice, but so far, no leaks. And it’s soft on the inside and outside, which is very nice. My initial impression is I want to buy about 6 more and never have to buy a case of disposables again. Except for vacations. Meh.
  4. Finally, we have some iCute diapers we got from eBay. They were very cheap ($4.50 per diaper), and it shows. The elastic around the legs is a little short and there’s none around the pocket opening. However, they’re certainly worth what you pay. They do not contain poop very well, but they’re a great around-the-house diaper (meaning, if you can definitely change the diaper every 2 hours). And if you want to spend the extra money for inserts, they make a very reliable travel diaper. Again, I haven’t had them long, but I did run a lot of errands and didn’t change her diaper for 3 1/2 hours; her skin was still dry and the diaper hadn’t leaked. I tried them once overnight with an insert and it didn’t fail spectacularly; I may try again soon now that Kara is only waking up once a night to eat.

Just thought I’d share what I’ve been up to since I first started cloth diapering. I’m still doing it cheaply and it’s still working out great!


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