Personal Time?

For a couple months after I got married, I was a housewife and absolutely loved it. Then for a little while, I was a barely employed mostly housewife, and I loved that too. I never had to ask myself what I would do when I had some free time. I did what needed doing around the house, and then I did whatever I wanted: read, crochet, work out… whatever.

That is definitely no longer the case.

Now, the concept of free time is an almost mythical idea. When I have two days in a row where Kara actually naps in her crib, I’m almost at a loss. I do whatever chore is most urgent as soon as she goes to sleep, and then I have to choose my activities that fit into several restrictions. It should be mostly quiet (no laundry) and something I can drop as soon as she wakes up (no dishes, food prep, bathroom cleaning). So here I am blogging during an unprecedented nap that has lasted, thus far, an hour and a half, and I feel like I’m wasting something infinitely precious.

What do you do with your free time?


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