Christmas Tradition

This is my nativity:

As you’ve probably noticed, something important is missing. This is not an oversight, or blasphemy, or a statement about my spiritual life.

This is tradition.

You see, Baby Jesus is not in the manger because, well, it’s not Christmas yet. And if it’s not his birthday yet, how could he be in the manger? It was a tradition in my home to set up the Jesus-less nativity and then, on Christmas, Mom and Dad would bring Jesus out of hiding and my brother and I would sing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus and place Him in the manger.

Then it was time for gift-opening and then aebleskiver.

What Christmas traditions did you have and still cherish?


4 thoughts on “Christmas Tradition

  1. Steve and I have started trying to celebrate advent without letting Christmas overshadow it. We gradually decorate the house so that we go from a bare tree the first week to a fully decked out tree on Christmas. We then leave our tree up the days of Christmas. I understand what you mean about having Jesus in the manger before he had come.

    • That’s a good idea. I love Advent! I’m not sure what emphasis my church put on it as a kid cause… well… I was a kid. But the anticipation of waiting to put baby Jesus in the manger got me prepped and ready for the idea. I like the anticipation of the fully decorated tree too.

  2. I have to give credit to Dr. Dobson and his wife for giving me the idea of the Jesus-less nativity. It struck me as a meaningful and simple way to convey to my young children the real meaning of Christmas, so I made it my own. I am so glad to see this tradition now being passed down to my grandchildren.

    • It is great, and so simple yet profound. Like Looney Toons. I mean, not that God is like Looney Toons, but it can be enjoyed on a very simple level by the young and then more fully appreciated as you mature.

      Also, it sure beats reading the Christmas story from the Bible. MUCH shorter, and the kids can get in on it too. 😀

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