Oh, the holidays

I freely recognize that it’s been forever since I’ve made a post. Pretty much everything exciting in my life involves Kara’s new accomplishments: eating cereal, trying to walk, sleeping through the night. And it’s all wonderfully exciting to experience for a parent, but probably not so much as a blog reader.

But now, the holidays are here!

Everybody loves the holidays. We had as much vacation as we could stand this Thanksgiving, and yet it was wonderful to be in a house filled to the seams with family (and, of course, food). My house is decorated. Granted, it’s decorated with a two-foot tabletop tree, which is on top of the entertainment center. But still, it looks like Christmas. And smells like it when I burn the evergreen candle my Grandma got me. The holidays have always been unequivocally happy, even with the terrible long drive to see my Ohio family. I never could understand what could possibly make the holidays so bittersweet for so many people.

But now, enter 2011:

  • my first Christmas without Dad (aka Santa Claus)
  • my first Christmas with my baby girl
  • my first Christmas with close family drama of the sort that shouldn’t exist outside of soap operas
  • my first Christmas with a new niece and a new brother

Now, it’s a terribly conflicted time of year. But it’s still a time of looking back to celebrate my Savior’s birth and a joyous time of anticipating His return. It’s still a time of vacation, free time,  family, and family games like Yahtzee, Dominoes, and Scrabble. It’s a time when people wish each other  happiness, peace, and joy—and mean it. It’s remembering that heaven opened up and gave us its best so that we could have those things.

So it’s a conflicted Christmas, but I’ll embrace the good, acknowledge the bad, and pray for the grace to accept both in a manner that honors my dad and educates Kara. And I wish you all, well and truly, a merry Christmas.


One thought on “Oh, the holidays

  1. I am so proud and honored to be the mother of such a beautiful, insightful and Godly young woman. I pray your own daughter will grow in the same manner to likewise be a lifelong blessing to you and Steve. Merry Christmas, honey. Can’t wait to see you all!

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