So This Is “Liberation”

PREFACE: This is in no way an attack against my awesome, amazing, supportive husband who bears my hostile episodes with patience, forbearance, and gifts of chocolate. So take this as a rant against the world at large.

People talk about birth control as being a wonderful step in women’s liberation. In one sense, I get it. Yay, we can finally be as in control of our reproductive system as can a man who can slap a rubber glove over his reproductive organ. But why would any man want to do something as inconvenient as using a condom, which interferes with his pleasure, when the woman can just take a pill every day? So it’s generally assumed that because a woman can take birth control, she should have full responsibility of preventing conception.

Never mind that said pill can affect quite literally anything in a negative way, from eyesight to emotional stability to weight gain. Never mind that, in order for the male half of the equation to gain complete satisfaction however many times a week he has the opportunity, the female half has to take a pill every day that makes her miserable all day every day. And even if she happens to find a method that works without making her miserable, she still has to go through a 3-6 month adjustment period during which… she’ll be miserable.

So now, instead of being enslaved to the man’s decision on whether or not he wants to use contraception, we’re enslaved to the Pill and its myriad unpleasant effects.

Well, I feel empowered. How about you?


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