Big Day for Baby (and Momma)

Yesterday was full of those small kinds of advances that are quite notable for new parents and not so much for most other people, so feel free to skip this post if you don’t care about baby events. If you’d like to at least pretend to care as much as we do, read on.

It began with Kara staying awake long enough that we thought she might enjoy looking at something besides her parents and the couch, so we broke out a play gym her aunt got her. She spent several minutes entranced by the colors and the dangly things that moved. When she decided she had enough of that and wanted to be held, I passed her off to her dad so I could take a nap.

I wasn’t laying down five minutes before I hear Steve say loudly, “Ummm…” I asked if there was something wrong and he said, “I think it’s okay, but, um….”

I followed his voice to Kara’s room, where I was very glad he was calm because it seemed to me like she was covered in blood. Her umbilical cord had fallen off. I’m kind of surprised that doctors spend so much time at the hospital telling you how to take care of the umbilical cord, but nothing about the belly button after the cord falls off. Fortunately, Steve’s calm kept me calm, and I called the pediatrician. While we waited for the nurse to call back, I looked through all the literature we had gotten from the hospital and pediatrician. Nothing about taking care of the belly button.

By the time the pediatrician called back, Kara was blessedly calm with a Soothie and her belly button was scabbing instead of bleeding. The nurse said the cord had probably been bumped and popped off rather than just falling off, which isn’t a problem; it should still heal quite nicely. She said NOT to put alcohol on it anymore, which we had kind of figured out on our own already, but it was still good to hear. We should wash around it with warm soapy water but leave the belly button itself alone for a couple of days unless anything else about it should alarm us.

After a sponge bath for Kara and a good feeding for both of us, I finally got to take that nap. And then it was time for me to take a huge step—leaving the house without my baby for the first time.

Last night was Fiber Fun at the coffeehouse…

ASIDE: No, Fiber Fun is not a group that meets to discuss its favorite bran muffins, but a group of local crafters—knitters, quilters, crocheters, etc.—that meets three times a month. Mostly to talk, but it’s also a good place to find help if you have any questions about a project or if you want to learn how to knit or crochet.

and I decided it’s good to establish from the beginning that I’m still my own person as well as a mommy and, by golly, I can still pursue my own interests. Which consist almost entirely of crocheting and the occasional social outing, so Fiber Fun was perfect.

It wasn’t quite as hard to leave my baby as I thought it would be, probably because a) the coffeehouse is so close by and b) because I was leaving her in her daddy’s very capable hands. Still hard, but not as hard as I thought. I had a great time. It was awesome seeing everybody and being able to work on something uninterrupted.

And, another big milestone for Kara, she ate from a bottle for the first time. She had no problems accepting it, and no problem coming back to me for food when I was home.

Three cheers for a wonderful day all around!


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