A Birthday, a Wedding, and Welcome and Unwelcome Guests

This weekend was definitely an eventful one. And by “eventful,” I mean in the Chinese curse “May your life be interesting” kind of way. In a roller coaster of good and bad kind of way, even though it was mostly good.

Friday was my birthday—I am now 26 and older than my husband. We don’t normally make a big deal of birthdays, which is a good thing, because we spent it driving to a wedding rehearsal for Steve’s sister and her fiance. And, of course, we reached downtown Atlanta at 4 pm. Our luck held when our GPS took us to a location about 45 minutes away from the church where we were actually supposed be. Have I mentioned how well I deal with being lost? In short: not very.

The good news was that, even though we only got to the rehearsal at the very end, that made us just in time for the rehearsal dinner, which was lovely. As was seeing all the family and such. Staying at a hotel was kind of nice too—it meant that, for the first time in weeks, I could turn the air as cold as I wanted it without having to worry about spending $1000 in the energy bill. Which meant actually sleeping under a blanket, which I’ve missed.

The wedding was lovely, of course (have you ever been to one that wasn’t, really?). There’s not really anything I can say about it that isn’t horribly cliche, so I’ll refrain. And, again, we spent lots of time with family we don’t get to see nearly often enough.

But the fun continued when we headed back home!

Since my birthday kind of flew by, I had two friends who had planned to come over Sunday night for cake and companionship. Since one of said friends has a truck, I begged them to move a washer and dryer from another friend’s storage to my apartment. They agreed. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to have a washer and dryer again. I’ve only been 3 weeks without, but that’s plenty.

The cake was absolutely divine and everything you’d think it would be and more. We had some cake, played Dominoes, and talked about nothing in particular. One friend stayed over quite late, and I taught her to crochet. Believe you me, in no time at all we’ll have another addict on the streets.

But that’s too much good without sharing the one other terrible, horrible, no good, bad event—the crown of the weekend. While we were gone, another resident tried to move in. After one of my frequent trips to the bathroom, there was something lurking in the sink when I went to wash my hands.

The body was seriously about an inch long, and it was creepy-crawling all over the sink. I was so terrified I couldn’t even scream. When my gasp ended and I called for help, Steve came, thinking, My poor wife and her uncontrollable terror of tiny insects… I felt slightly vindicated when he freaked out too. Well… by “freak out” I mean he decided to get a pitcher of water and flush the not-so-itsy-bitsy spider back down the drain instead of trying to smash it.

Then we ran our near-boiling hot water down the sink for about 3 minutes. And every time I woke up during the night, I had to use the hall light to turn on the bathroom light because I was certain Shelob had crawled back out of the sink and was waiting suspended above the light switch to wreak revenge.

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! Because that means you’ve persevered to the finish line!


5 thoughts on “A Birthday, a Wedding, and Welcome and Unwelcome Guests

  1. Oh gosh. Those things are soooo creepy. And I’m not even spider-scared. There were a ton of them all over the farm I worked on last summer. There’s nothing like fear of a neurotoxic spider bite to make gardening less fun. :/

    • Oh gosh… Yet another reason I could never be a gardener. Especially an organic gardener. After pouring about 3.8 gallons of boiling water down the drain, I followed it with about a 7-second spray of Raid.


  2. Happy birthday and congratulations on ‘the kill.’ That thing was huge – in a bad way. However, if you had been able to recover the carcass, it might have been suitable to be stuffed and mounted over the fireplace 😉

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