I Am a Genius

Or, at least, I had a moment of genius. During my browsing to find stuff to make with my stash yarn, I found this pattern. Unfortunately, however, I do not have a printer, so trying to make things from patterns means I have to either

a) sit at my computer and crochet until I have enough of something made that I don’t need to refer to the pattern anymore


b) laboriously write down the entire pattern

However, I have recently received a Nook from my dear and loving father. The Nook has an SD card. I thought maybe I could convert said pattern to a pdf and read it from my Nook.

Through much tinkering, I got it to work and I was able to make a long shirt/short dress for Kara.

Steve was very impressed with my ingenuity and technical skills. Said skills are not great, but the fact that I’m using technology for something that (as he pointed out) is a regression back to the 1800s gave me major props in his book.

Now it will be much easier to repeat the process, and I see a glorious future of resting easy on the couch while crocheting patterns from my Nook.


2 thoughts on “I Am a Genius

    • Nice. I absolutely love it when it works. However, sometimes getting it to work can be more than a little frustrating. Sometimes I think I should put my Nook back in its OtterBox so I can actually throw it when it frustrates me… not sure that’s what the makers had in mind though.

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