The Art of Improvising

Yesterday, we got pretty much everything we absolutely need moved to the new apartment, and today has been spent largely setting up the new apartment. However, there are still some small things left at the old, which has led to several interesting improvisations, mostly in the kitchen.

Tonight, I’m making black-bean chili. After I got started with everything, I had a moment of panic when I couldn’t find the can opener (which would mean no diced tomatoes or tomato sauce in the chili). Fortunately, I found an ancient one that Steve had and I hated, which is why we got our nice new one for a wedding present. At least the hated thing came through for once.

Then I decided I wanted corn muffins to go with our chili. Unfortunately, we haven’t brought the muffin tin over. Or any baking dishes. But I do have an oven-safe skillet, so I’m making it in that.

So, cheers! My first home-cooked meal in my new apartment is a resounding success! Or, I hope it will be. I haven’t tasted the cornbread yet—we’ll see if it’s scorched on the bottom.

Hmm… Before I end this post, I feel like I should give a shout-out to the several people who have helped us move:

  • Mariah, for the use of her truck and her insane early-morning energy that got us packed up and moved much sooner than I would have thought possible. And for uber-delicious cinnamon rolls. When she opens her bakery, I’m asking for her to ship stuff to me.
  • Ethan, for the use of his dad’s pickup truck and for his time and help in moving.
  • Ken, for the hand truck and mad-awesome maneuvering skills in getting the loaded hand truck through our new hallways.
  • Mary, for the enormous feast that gave us our lunch and dinner, and for helping put stuff away and helping spare Steve’s back in the evening when it was at its worst.

We may have been able to do it without you guys, but it would have taken much longer and would have been much more unpleasant. More probably, however, Steve and I would be so frustrated we’d be sleeping in separate apartments and unable to function in either one. So thanks, and thanks again!


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