Getting Ready

My husband and I just got back from a wonderful vacation visiting friends and family. To my surprise, we had a baby shower and got TONS of stuff! Some of it was, as I suspected, stuff that I would not even think of needing until someone gave it to me. A prime example of this is a mesh bag/rack that can hold bottle straws, bottoms, nipples, etc. and go in the dishwasher. (Genius!)

My family was full of party animals this week—in addition to my baby shower, little Ava’s (my niece) 2nd birthday party was this weekend. It went much better than last year’s. She had a nap, for one thing. That makes a tremendous difference. And she just melted my heart trying to find baby Kara in my belly button.

Now we’re back, and tomorrow we’re moving into a two-bedroom apartment, so I can actually feel like I can get ready for Kara’s arrival. At the moment, that preparation involves cutting off all the tags from every article of clothing we got from the baby shower (let me just say that I cannot believe the monetary value of baby clothes is so great as to justify having to put 8 fasteners into each article of clothing) so that I can pre-wash everything while we still have a washer and dryer.

And tomorrow… the fun will begin!


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