It’s Like Potato Chips

This may come as a shock to some of you, but I tend to be lazy. When I get home from work, I tend to stay there. Usually parked in some seat—either the couch or my desk chair. After a nap, of course. Going out again to meet people once I’ve entered my sanctuary is generally pretty low on my list of priorities.

But then I went to church on Sunday. I mean, I usually do, but this Sunday I spent about an hour after church just hanging out with two of my friends, talking about nothing and just enjoying each other’s company. And it reminded me that I like being around other people. Not all the time, and not a huge group of people at once, but still.

I enjoyed it so much that I went out again on Sunday evening to enjoy people’s company during the students’ Sunday Night Supper. And again on Monday—I met a friend for lunch.

And it’s funny, but the more I hang out with people, the more I want to spend time with them. It’s like eating potato chips—if you don’t eat them for a while, you think, “Oh, they’re ok, but I can do without them.” But as soon as you eat one, you’re hooked and you always want at least one more.

So I’m trying to go against my lazy nature and make spending time with others a priority. My resolve was strengthened when I read a friend’s blog entry on a similar subject. Tomorrow will be the biggest test. I’m working a much longer-than-usual shift for me, but tomorrow night is also Fiber Fun. So rather than coming home and passing out, I fully intend to stick it out and have fun with my fellow knitting, crocheting, and other craft-minded friends.

And, yes, before you say anything… I fully realize the irony of committing to socializing 10 weeks before my baby is due. What can I say? Maybe if I cement some of those relationships now, I’ll have people to help keep me sane down the road. ๐Ÿ˜‰


2 thoughts on “It’s Like Potato Chips


    Thats it. I’m officially famous. Unbelievable.

    Go forth, friend! Be brave! You’ll like it, promise!!

  2. Of course you’re famous! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I did, in fact, make it to Fiber Fun last night. No, I did NOT fall asleep on the couch at the coffeehouse for the hour between my shift and when people started coming. Did NOT, I say.

    It was a lot of fun and I’m doubly glad I went, because one of the regulars is moving to Charleston soon and won’t be there next time.

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