I’m Cured!

Somehow, somewhere, I managed to infect my computer with a nasty, nasty virus that took root in several of the files that the computer needs when it starts up. After a days-long battle, my valiant husband has (at least apparently) vanquished the foe.

I’ve had deep thoughts this past week. Many of them are familiar. Thoughts like:

  • “Everyday” is not the same as “every day
  • “Apart” is not the same as “a part.” In fact, they’re pretty much complete opposites. When you say you’re “apart of something,” you’re saying you’re separate from it, not that you’re a part of it.
  • My ferrets are, apparently, horribly jinxed, and the universe is punishing the girl who is planning on buying them from me.
  • No matter how much you pack away in boxes, it’s not going to look like you’ve packed anything until you can start packing away the essentials that you’ll use until the moment you start moving.
  • Moving sucks.
  • Asking a pregnant woman who still has 10 weeks to go before delivery, “Are you sure there’s only one in there?” is pure, suicidal idiocy. Ha frickin ha. I haven’t heard that one before. Please, continue. No, there’s only one, and she is going to double in size in the next 10 weeks, and I’m already very uncomfortably aware of the fact that my insides are running out of room to hold her. Thanks.
  • Moving really sucks.

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