Why I Love My Doctor

I had another routine prenatal appointment with Dr. Bass today and, as usual, I had a list of questions with me. One concerned a preventative antibiotic I’ve been taking. I’m out of refills, and I don’t want to have to go to my previous doctor, who doesn’t take my insurance, to refill it. So I asked Dr. Bass if she would do it. Not only did she say she would, she got up and phoned it into the pharmacy right then.

Another question involved my travel plans in two weeks. I’ll be flying, which she says is ok. But since I’ll be 500 miles away for a week, she wanted to be sure I had a copy of my medical records. Which she got up and copied right then. What’s not to love? I never have to worry about checking back and making sure something got done because she does everything that needs doing while I’m still there.

In other news that made me sad, I found out that I can’t donate Kara’s umbilical cord blood. If you want to pay thousands of dollars plus an annual fee, you can bank your own cord blood in case your child ends up with one of the diseases they can use cord blood to cure, but you can’t donate it for further research or for the general public to use. Apparently, even cord blood stem cells are controversial. So, since we can’t afford to bank the blood for ourselves, all those precious stem cells get thrown in the garbage. And it makes me feel like both Kara and I are being robbed of what is, quite literally, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to help others.

Now, I totally understand the controversy regarding fetal stem cells. But cord blood? Really? That makes me both sad and angry. But then, I’m a hormonal overly emotional preggo. What do you think?


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