We Have a Plan

I realize this is probably only interesting to me, but it’s all I can think about, so it’s what I’m writing about. After tons of apartment hunting, then trying to manipulate time and money and a lease to work to our best advantage, we finally have a plan.

The complication was this: We are leased in our current apartment, which we love but is only a one-bedroom, until June 30. My due date is July 11. So actually moving when our lease is up is obviously out of the question. Further complications arose when we found places we loved, but they couldn’t hold them for us until June. But we now have a solution.

We applied for a wonderful little duplex and were approved. We’ll move in the middle of next month, which will only give us one extra month’s rent to pay on our current place if no one subleases it, which is what it usually costs to break a lease anyway. This way, we’ll move when I’ll still be capable of helping, at least a little bit.

I can’t tell you what a relief it is knowing that I’ll have a place for Baby Carden in 4 weeks! There are a lot of areas in life in which I’m comfortable with uncertainty, but the big generalities like where we’ll live? I’m not comfortable without knowing those kinds of details.

I’m even starting to get really excited about things like setting up the nursery, even though we don’t have much in the way of furniture. We will, however, have the same wall hanging that I had in my room until I went to college–it’s a quilt of a unicorn in a field of flowers. And that’s all the direction I need to set my mind at ease.


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