Baby Hide?

After finding out on Friday that my parents would be at my brother’s on Saturday, I decided after my Saturday shift at work to take an impromptu trip to visit everybody. It was awesome. By far my favorite moment was trying to explain to Ava, who’s 23 months now, that Aunt Tanya has a baby in her belly.

Ava was very skeptical when Beth told her everyone was touching my belly because there’s a baby in there. “Baby?” she repeated, pointing to my stomach. “That’s right,” we assured her. Ava looked at me again. “Baby hide?” she asked. “Yes, baby’s hiding.” So Ava did the only thing that made sense–she lifted up my shirt to try to see where baby was hiding. She looked really confused when she couldn’t find a baby that way. So she pointed to my mom’s belly and asked, “Baby?” After asking if each person in the room including herself had a baby–then if the dog did–and being assured each time that only Aunt Tanya had one, she let it go.

I’m still not sure she believes that only Aunt Tanya has a baby in her belly, or that she does at all, but Ava still remembered that lesson the next day. After playing for a while, she climbed up on the couch, patted my stomach and said, “Hi baby!”

So cute. I can’t believe I’ll have one of my own soon!


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