Without TV

Right now, Steve and I are getting free cable. That means the TV is on from about 4pm-9pm every day. I watch some cooking shows, then Law & Order, then Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy, then Bones. I say “I watch,” though really most of the time I just have the TV on while I cook, crochet, do my minimal cleaning, etc.

When we move, we probably won’t have free cable. Even if we do, we might ask them to turn it off. I don’t think using the television as a distraction is a good habit to be in when there’s a child growing up in the house. (Don’t hate; I’m not judging those who do it, it’s just not my thing.)

So yesterday was my first day of only turning on the TV when I was actually watching it, which was while I was eating dinner and while I was laying on my stomach with a heating pad on my back during which time I was incapable of doing anything else.

I know this isn’t a world-changing epiphany, but it made me realize that I am actually at a loss sometimes when I don’t have the TV on. I thought that since I’m not actually watching the shows most of the time it would be pretty easy to transition to life without it, but I’m glad I’m starting now.

What do you do without the incessant hum of the TV in the background?


One thought on “Without TV

  1. I won’t hate on you, I agree with you (about the whole kids thing). Really, I’m probably on my computer when the TV isn’t on. Which is crazy, me being so connected to technology. But when I’m not, I have to be active or reading. So I either cook or clean or create, go outside, or read.

    Just realized that as I was doing homework last night, I had the TV on, muted. What is the purpose in that, I ask you (and myself).

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