What a Weekend!

This weekend was a wonderful mixture of eventful and self-indulgent. It began with an incredibly busy day at work on Friday during which we spent the first half of the day playing catch-up from the previous busy days and and the second half trying to prepare for the weekend, which we knew would be crazy. After work, I picked Steve up from school and we went to Fatz Cafe, where we ate so much I’m surprised either of us was capable of walking out of the restaurant. The rest of the day was spent recovering from our food overload. It was awesome.

Then came the Saturday work day, during which we catered sandwiches for about a hundred people (literally), had our usual Saturday crowd, and prepared for the big church party on Sunday. After a nap, I felt up to going with Steve to the free Bluegrass Under the Stars concert. It was quite lovely and fun. Even though we had to leave early–it was quite chilly–I had a great time. Not in the least because that was two nights in a row that I got to spend with my husband doing something other than sitting at home.

Then Sunday, the culmination of it all–my church had its first birthday! It was started as a church plant, and yesterday it was officially organized and accepted into the Nazarene denomination. I was accepted, not only as a charter member, but also as a member of the church board. It was an amazing service, and people from all around the community and beyond–people who have helped in so many ways since the idea of the coffeehouse church was conceived–were there to celebrate God’s provision for our tiny but wonderful church, Clemson: The Bridge Church of the Nazarene.

We celebrated the way all good churches celebrate important events: with a potluck lunch. The only thing better than fellowshipping with fellow Christians from all around the area is to do it over awesome food.

Then, of course, I went home for my Nazarene nap, and then it was time for Fiber Fun. It had been entirely too long since I’d seen my fellow crafters in the area, and I had a great time catching up. Also, I finished Baby Kara’s blanket! It is amazing, if I do say so myself:

It’s lovely and textured, and the color is much prettier than what this picture shows. I’m quite absurdly pleased with it. Finishing it was the perfect cap to a wonderful weekend.


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